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About Me

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Hello there ^^

I am Furnix and I'm from South Africa


FURNIXWOLF IS A MIX OF 3 KINDS OF CREATURES TRIHYBRID: An Individual Or Strain That Is Heterogeneous For Three Pairs Of Genes 

Furnix Is a wolf with a husky pelt that consists of 3 colors namely light blue, dark blue, and black. there are also black stripes visible on the chest, arms and face. The tail is dark blue under and black on top.

You can view more examples of Furnix in my Gallery


FurnixWolf Name Explained:

In Short Its A name that I made Up and I love


FUR : Furnace because I always feel warm in side and the dragon heart

NIX : Derived from the word unique

WOLF : Well... It's a Wolf...


The Wolf
The Main And Most Visible Aspect Of The 3


Being a pack animal, you know he is the one you can trust and be safe with. All your secrets are safe with him and he will protect you and your feelings as good as he can. He will stand his ground and keep his territory. No outsider will be allowed in and it takes a while to earn his respect. Once you lose his respect there are no way to get it back. but if he recognize you as family he will be loyal to you to the end.


By Heart

Being happy most of the time can be a front for something deep inside. The strong hearted wolf can be strong to a point. This wolf has a big heart. So the wolf loves a lot of things but there will be days he can be heavy hearted and that's usually caused by a being who messes with this dangerous heart. All hell will break lose if this wolfs heart or any of his friends or family is being hurt. The dragon heart gives the wolf fire breathing capabilities. So be warned. This wolf can be your worst nightmare if being treated wrong.

A Happy And Cute Personality

This is where the husky comes in. Feeling the constant need to get hugs or give hugs. A true friend that can understand and love and care for others. Being there when you need a true friends to listen and help out as Much as he can. This also means lots of fun and games when being playful. This gives the wolf a friendly and loving side full of joy and games.

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South AfriFur Furry Con (AKA SAFC) 2017 :
7-10 July 2017 : Ended up not being able to make it.
gave my spot to someone that could not afford to go


South AfriFur Furry Con (AKA SAFC) 2018 :
13-16 July 2018


South AfriFur Furry Con (AKA SAFC)  2019 :
Fri 12 - Mon 15 July 2019



South AfriFur Furry Con (AKA SAFC)  2022 :
Fri 8 - Mon 11 July 2022


South AfriFur Furry Con (AKA SAFC) 2023 :

Fri 7 - Mon 10 July 2023


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More Info

More Info

  • Love to sketch and do drawings

  • Play the piano

  • Taking long walks

  • Creating new music or searching for new music

  • Looking at furry fursonas and fursuiters

  • Playing games

  • Doing exercises

  • Listening to music

  • Watching series or movies

  • Hanging out and chatting with friends

  • Window shopping

  • Doing graphical designs

  • Looking for art and also watching Youtube

  • Taking photographs



  • Originally from a small farm town in South Africa and no there are no lions in my back yard, Can be rather lonely here and I miss my furiends allot.

Favorite  Colors

Black and then Blue

Favorite Potion

  • Water and water with some lemon is always good.

  • But nothing beats a nommy slushy or frozen Yogi-Sip

  • Milo/Barone milkshakes are good too

What Kind Of Music Do I Like

  • I love all kinds Of music, but not Rap. Music talks to my heart and soul, Its part of us all. It gives me wonderful feelings and emotions where I feel I can connect with it. I live myself Into the songs. Its amazing to feel the emotions of The music. There are some really strong and emotional songs out there perfect for every feeling you might have.


  • Does not like feeling/being lonely

  • Don't like it when others fight

  • When someone is being mean

  • I really don't like it they lie

  • Dirty places and surroundings (Kinda Germaphobe)

Favorite Foods

  • Chicken and potatoes with green Peas, a garlic role and mushroom sauce

  • Pizza

  • Burgers

  • Good old home cooking

  • A nice piece Of RUMP and a BRAAI BROOD.. Drools

  • I generally also just love cooking


  • Likes it when being hugged

  • Loves the idea of cuddles/snuggles

  • Loves animals/nature

  • Loves most things fluffy. Like fluffy tails, paws and more.

  • Giving others cookies.

  • Loves meeting new furs and making friends.

  • Can be naughty but behaves most of the time.

  • May sometimes be quiet. don't let this fool you. Just give the Wolf time to observe The surroundings, When comfortable. He will be open and be having fun.

  • Honesty and building friendships on truth and loyalty.

  • Loves the winter and cold places

  • likes the moon and stars

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Cons Info


Even More Info O.O
Q&A Section

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When Is Your Bday?

Well lets just say I was born May 16 th ^^

Can I give you hugs?

You are always welcome to give me hugs. Please do introduce yourself if I dont know you yet.

What is your gender?

Im a male so yay I think XD

What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home?

+/- 1600KM

What is the most annoying thing someone does?

OMW defs bad table manners and bad eating habits.

What takes up too much of your time?

Work takes most of my time.

What pets did you have while you were growing up?

Birds, Hamsters and dogs.

Do you like pineapple on pizza?

No not at all. its defs not for me.

How do you relax after a hard day of work?

Just being in bed with a Series/Movie on or even YouTube or just something that can distract my mind like games.

What job do you think you’d be really good at?

Doing live shows and events. Love plays and theater as well.

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