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Hello And Welcome To My Website.

My name is FurnixWolf or just Furnix.  Please take some time and have a look around. There are some cookies on the table if you would like to nibble on something as you look around the site. Don't be frightened if I suddenly pounce out from somewhere

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About Me

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Hello there ^^

I am Furnix and I'm from South Africa


FURNIXWOLF IS A MIX OF 3 KINDS OF CREATURES TRIHYBRID: An Individual Or Strain That Is Heterogeneous For Three Pairs Of Genes 

Furnix Is a wolf with a husky pelt that consists of 3 colours namely light blue, dark blue, and black. there are also black stripes visible on the chest, arms and face. The tail is dark blue under and black on top.

You can view more examples of Furnix in the Gallery


FurnixWolf Name Explained:

In Short Its A name that I made Up and I love


FUR : Furnace because I always feel warm in side and the dragon heart

NIX : Derived from the word unique

WOLF : Well... It's a Wolf...


The Wolf
The Main And Most Visible Aspect Of The 3


Being a pack animal, you know he is the one you can trust and be safe with. All your secrets are safe with him and he will protect you and your feelings as good as he can. He will stand his ground and keep his territory. No outsider will be allowed in and it takes a while to earn his respect. Once you lose his respect there are no way to get it back. but if he recognize you as family he will be loyal to you to the end.


By Heart

Being happy most of the time can be a front for something deep inside. The strong hearted wolf can be strong to a point. This wolf has a big heart. So the wolf loves a lot of things but there will be days he can be heavy hearted and that's usually caused by a being who messes with this dangerous heart. All hell will break lose if this wolfs heart or any of his friends or family is being hurt. The dragon heart gives the wolf fire breathing capabilities. So be warned. This wolf can be your worst nightmare if being treated wrong.

A Happy And Cute Personality

This is where the husky comes in. Feeling the constant need to get hugs or give hugs. A true friend that can understand and love and care for others. Being there when you need a true friends to listen and help out as Much as he can. This also means lots of fun and games when being playful. This gives the wolf a friendly and loving side full of joy and games.


Furnix Fursuit
Creators : R&D Fursuits

My Fursuit for Furnix was created by R&D Fursuits in the UK.

Please have a look at there other amazing creations. You are also welcome to view more pictures of Furnix on my social sites and the Fursuit Pictures Gallery on my site.

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